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What Is An Obstacle Course Race?

What Is An Obstacle Course Race?

We’ve all seen those friends who post photos on Facebook where they’re out at an event and are covered in mud, sweat, and smiles. They probably just completed a Spartan Race, a Tough Mudder, a Warrior Dash, a Savage Race, or… a Terrain Race. These are all obstacle course races (or, OCRs, as the regulars call them.) 


Obstacle course races require participants to attempt (and hopefully conquer) a number of physical challenges that have been constructed (or brought to town) just for the event. They usually take place over distances like 5K, 10 miles, or even more. You’ll find yourself running, walking, jumping, climbing, sliding, pulling, pushing– a real full-body workout. 


Now, you might be thinking, “that sounds like something for kids.”  And you’d be right! The child-like fun is a big part of their appeal. (Speaking of children: most OCRs offer kids races too. Terrain Race has the Mini Monkey Run for kids under the age of seven.) 


From giant monkey bars, to bucket carries, to wading through mud pits… OCRs are designed to be both fun and challenging. Adding to the challenge is the creativity of some of the obstacles. It’s not uncommon to get to a race and attempt an obstacle you’ve never seen before!  This will push you out of your comfort zone really quick.


Obstacle course races can be found in all 50 states and in most countries around the world. Since they take place outdoors, you get to enjoy the local landscape. Sometimes you’ll run past majestic mountains while other times you’ll run up them. However, a common thread amongst all of these different events is that they’re sure to get you dirty, and sometimes muddy. 


Some people refer to OCRs as “mud runs” but not all obstacle course races are mud runs. Obstacle course racers sure love mud though! Not only does the mud add to the challenge it also adds to the fun. Just make sure you bring clean clothes and some mats for your car.


(If you want to skip the obstacles and head straight for the mud then check out Muddy Dash today!)